Friday, April 10, 2009


Gardening is one of the newest hobbies on the block that is gaining a lot of popularity worldwide. Gardening has become a joy for many people and it helps them to destress after a hectic week at work. People nowadays are particularly turning towards rose gardening as they would like to have a beautiful rose garden right outside their house. Have you heard the song, “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden”? You can now promise your spouse a rose garden right outside your house. You can learn rose gardening from one of the websites or eBooks and then practice it according to your rules. And literally see how in a few weeks your clumsy backyard is turned into a beautiful rose garden. Let's delve further into the basics of learning rose gardening.

Roses normally don't need good garden soil, sunlight or the availability of water. The rose bed can be any good garden soil. The best type of soil for the rose bed is well drained, fertile, light soil that is two feet deep. Also make sure that sunlight falls on your rose bed for at least 4 hours day though 6 hours is preferable. Next would be purchasing the roses to be planted on the rose bed. You can buy roses from a nursery or garden centers. You can buy bare root roses or roses in containers.

The bare root roses come with the roots protected and packed in a moist packaging material. You should purchase the roses as close to planting time as possible and you should plant the roses when they are dormant. The bets time to plant the roses would be winter or early spring as that is the best period where the ground is thawed properly. Before planting the roses soak the roots in water overnight. Next dig a hole in the soil and mound the soil. Set the plant on the mounds and spread the roots evenly around the mound. Next place the rose in such a way that the bud union is as the same height of the soil. Cover the roots with lose soil and pres them lightly. Then add more soil, fill it with water and let the water soak in. the last step is to fill the hole with soil.

In case you are planting roses in containers then take the rose out of the box and plant it like a bare root rose. If the rose begins to grow then cut the bottom of the container and cut several opening on each side. Set the rose in the planting hole to the right depth and fill the hole with soil and water and you are done.